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My name is Rabia and I blog over at Rabia Rambles!I’d like to thank Arshi for allowing me to post on her blog! I’m going to be blogging about my best editing tips and tricks and I hope they help you if you’re new to blogging and taking pics!


This one is something you can’t control but I always take pictures around noon or just after because that’s when the sun is at its highest point so that’s when it’s the brightest and I love taking pictures in natural light, I think they just look so much better!


This way, there won’t be that much difference in terms of lighting, also if you’re in that mood to take pics and the lighting is cooperating then take full advantage of that because there’s nothing more I hate then when I know I need to take a picture but the lighting is off or I really don’t want to so binge take them and you’ll be good for a few days!


Making your pictures look good together and making them a fit a theme all comes down to your editing; I edit mine in similar ways, I don’t like to over-tweak my pictures so I keep my editing to a minimum. Also, if your looking to create a theme then choose a filter that you apply to every single one of your pictures because that really helps!


It’s okay to not be happy with the pictures you’ve taken because I feel like that constantly, I have so many pictures that I’ve just never posted because I’m not happy with them and that’s okay! Don’t feel like you have to take the perfect shot always, if they aren’t coming out right then say, okay forget it, I’ll do it again later. That’s something I do always and it is frustrating to not get the shot you want but don’t post it if you’re not happy with it.


I do this all the time, I make sure my posts all have the same sort of colours in the actual picture so that they all look good together. I change this up often and lately, I’ve been trying to make my theme more colourful but I’m keeping my key colour white and it seems so be working!

So that’s all from me, I hope this post helped you and you gained some inspiration from it! Follow me on my social media sites to stay up to date with me and I’d like to thank Arshi once again for this collaboration!








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