Cuppa Chat | Volume 001

Hello again!

It feels like absolutely forever since I last sat down on my desk and had nothing in mind except putting out a good post for all you amazing readers (if there’s even any of you left after this horrendously long break). I don’t really know what happened; one minute, I kept writing, taking pictures, and editing, and the next I found myself in this whirlwind of to-do lists and deadlines and due dates and social commitments, running around like a crazy person. Thankfully, things have calmed down a bit. So now that I have a moment to breathe, let’s have a little chat. I have my hot cuppa sitting next to me, so grab yours if you don’t have it already. I’ll wait.

I’ve started my last semester at university.

I don’t know how I feel about this. A part of me is excited that I’m almost done with this huge chunk of my life, and that I made it this far. I’m proud of my achievements but I’m even more thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to learn so much, from academics to real life stuff. I absolutely loved my experience, although it’s not always been rosy, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The friends I’ve made are definitely friends for life. But that’s what the other half of me is upset about; the fact that I’m going to have to walk away from all of this. The familiarity of my campus is one I’ve grown to love, so it’s going to be a hard adjustment. I do remind myself that I still have another four months to go, and that instead of being upset that things are changing, I should focus on the present and make the most of the time I have left. Before I get too emotional, I’ll just let you know that I will have an extensive experience post all about this stuff going up later when I’m closer to leaving, so if you want to know about everything from A to Z, keep an eye out for it!

I had a dip in my passion for blogging…

I guess you could call it writer’s block. I was so fixated on producing the perfect material that nothing was ever good enough, and I ended up scrapping about ten posts that I had written. I decided to just step back and take a breath. Better to wait it out than get frustrated to the point of no return, right? But recently, I was just reading up on the important of blogging in modern marketing, and it made me feel excited again. I had been wanting to come back to blogging all week, but writing a full, informative post seemed a little too much. That’s how I came up with the Cuppa Chat series, where I plan on literally just grabbing some coffee and sitting down and pouring my heart out to all of you whenever I feel like it’s needed.

…but now I want to start taking blogging more seriously.

I mean that in terms of schedule, promoting, content, and branding. I want to start getting my stuff out there and maybe even approach a brand or two that I would like to work with. I also have a lot of ideas to change up the look of my blog, but I might have to wait for Black Friday for that because the themes are expensive! Another thing to discuss: since studying and being productive is something I thoroughly enjoy and partake in on a daily basis, I was planning on shifting my Instagram from having no real theme to a studygram. I have been very, very bad when it comes to my Instagram because I think I’ve uploaded a total of once in the past 30 days. I’ve figured what I need is a bit of a guide, and a studygram might be the perfect thing. Please let me know your thoughts below on this, I’d love to discuss!

I’m so pumped for the weather change!

If anybody knows me, they know I love being cold. You might think that’s really weird but there’s something magical about being bundled up in wool on a rainy day in front of the TV. I’m looking forward to October (Halloween, my birthday YAY, midterms) and everything spooky this way comes. I plan on publishing some festive posts which will be fun to write out, too!

Now that my mug is empty and I’ve talked everything out, I hope to see you down in the comments! Tell me,

What have you been up to lately?

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6 thoughts on “Cuppa Chat | Volume 001

  1. I really prefer colder weather too awe, its just so amazing. Idky everyone likes to be in sweat under a hot sun??? Not my kinda weather at all!!! Well im excited to see the changes on ur ig and excited for more posts! Good luck 😊

    1. Thank you! And good luck to you! A studygram is just an Instagram focused on posing pictures of your notes, your stationary, and all other things related to studying. They’re gorgeous and super motivating! Check out Emma Studies on instagram to get an idea ☺️

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