My AM & PM Routine

I had been struggling a bit with writing today’s post because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to write about. So I did what I always do at times like these: I looked around at other blogs for inspiration. Through web-surfing I came across the beautiful Tenneil and thoroughly enjoyed reading herRead more >

Cuppa Chat | Volume 001

Hello again! It feels like absolutely forever since I last sat down on my desk and had nothing in mind except putting out a good post for all you amazing readers (if there’s even any of you left after this horrendously long break). I don’t really know what happened; oneRead more >

The Ultimate Guide to Revision

The air is slowly turning crisper, the freckles on our faces are beginning to fade, and sightings of yellow buses and stationary sales are becoming more abundant, which means one thing and one thing only…back to school! I remember being younger and feeling this weird mix of both anticipation andRead more >