5 Habits to Implement into Your Nighttime Routine  

Hi! I’m Clementine, but everyone calls me Clem. I blog over at Clem Loves. It’s an honour to be posting on Arshi’s blog today. Arshi and I are both doing a guest post on each others blogs. So be sure to check out Arshi’s post over on Clem Loves.

Sometimes when I get home from work, or after a busy day, the last thing on my mind is to rush about getting ready for bed, when all I want to do is lay straight down amongst my comfy pillows and blankets and fall asleep. But I also do like to have a night time routine, so I can get in to some comfy pj’s, take off my makeup and have a relaxing evening before getting in to bed, else it just feels as though I’ve wasted my night. For today’s post, I am sharing with you 5 of the things I love to do in the evenings which can also be implemented into your night time routine too.

Taking off makeup as soon as you get in.

I must admit there has been times in the past where I have been so tired that I’ve ended up sleeping in my makeup. Which is definitely not great at all for my skin. So what I like to try and do is as soon as I get home from work at night, I head straight over to my dressing table and take off my makeup before I can even think about lying down and falling asleep. By using my favourite products and having them there ready on my dressing table, it makes taking off my makeup that little bit more enjoyable. And I do love that fresh face feeling after taking off my makeup. A few of my favourite products that I love to use are the Garnier Micellar Water, Superdrug Simply Pure toner and the Moroccan Rose Facial Oil by Dr Botanicals. These products are a joy to use and are quick and effective at taking off makeup and leaving my skin feeling all fresh. I also like to finish off my night time skin care routine by using my Olay eye cream and Vitamin E moisturiser by The Body Shop.

Getting into some comfy PJ’s.

Like with my evening skincare routine, I like to get straight in to some comfy pj’s. It helps me to feel more relaxed and it means I’m practically all ready for bed! After doing this and taking off my makeup, it means I can spend the rest of the evening doing the things I love and to help wind down after a long day. I absolutely love Primark pj’s! If I go shopping in Primark, you will most likely find me in the nightwear section going through all the pj’s, dressing gowns and slippers! I am also a huge fan of pj’s from Sainsburys. If you haven’t yet checked any out, you definitely should. They do some really super cute ones and they recently had some that had avocados all over!

Check emails and have a catch up on social media.

I like to check my emails in the evening and have a bit of a catch up on social media. I do try to do this earlier on the evening, as it’s not great to stare at your phone screen just before going to bed. I love making sure that I have checked for and read any important emails and I love chatting to my friends on Twitter. I sometimes also spend this time to catch up on any blog stuff that I may have and need to get done or finished. Even if you just spend half an hour doing this, it’s a chance to get caught up so then you haven’t got it all to worry about in the morning, and I won’t wake up during the night suddenly thinking that I’ve forgotten to do something.

Writing in a journal.

I wanted to include this one, because it’s actually one that I’m working on doing myself. Quite a while back I started writing down in my journal before going to bed and I find that it really helps to write things down and to reflect on the day. But sometimes I just completely forget to do it. So maybe we can do this and work on it together and add it to our nighttime routine. One thing I really like writing down, is a list of the things that have made me happy during the day and to look back on these at night. I also like to write down maybe exciting things that have happened, or maybe even just some ideas that pop up in my mind for a brand new blog post. I think it’s great to also look back at past journal entries from just a few weeks ago, or even from a year or two ago. It’s so interesting reading what I have previously written.

Read a book.

As some of you may know, I’m a huge book lover and I absolutely love reading a good book in the evening. I also find that by reading just before bed, it helps me to sleep a lot better, as I’m not staring at a phone screen and it helps me relax. One book that I have recently been reading and loving so much is The Gilded King by Josie Jaffrey. (Review coming soon). I have been loving this book so much. A few of my other favourites that I highly recommend checking out are, The Bear and the Nightingale and also The Girl In The Towerby Katherine Arden, The Potion Diaries by Amy Alward , The Keeper Of Lost Things and also The Wisdom Of Sally Red Shoesby Ruth Hogan. There are just so many more books that I love. I love being transported in to a completely new world with new characters and letting my imagination go wild. After doing all of the things above, I can just sit back and enjoy my book, and when I start to feel sleepy, I can just get straight in to bed and not have to worry about taking off my makeup, getting changed for bed and staring at my phone or computer screen.

I would love to know what your top 5 habits are for your nighttime routine?

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6 thoughts on “5 Habits to Implement into Your Nighttime Routine  

  1. Love this post! I’m trying to get more into the habit of reading before I go to bed. I’ll definitely be checking out your recommendations! 😊 My favourite part of my night time routine is winding down with a night time snack or a cup of tea and watching some videos on YouTube. I try to avoid YouTube, TV and Netflix while I’m busy in the day so it feels like the perfect treat before bed to sit back, relax and watch a few videos.

    1. That sounds like such a good way to wind down!! I wish I could say I do the same but I don’t have the self-discipline to not watch Netflix all day 😂😂

  2. Hello! Wonderful guest post from the wonderful clem (man I wish I had her name). I think these are great tips to make the evening smooth and cheerful. I think i need to get into the habit with writing in the journal. even though we have digital technologies, there’s just something special about pen on paper. I should also probably start getting better with my emails (ooooops).
    Kind regards, Laura

    1. Hey Laura! I definitely agree! I used to write on journals too but unfortunately got out of the habit as life started to get busier. 🙁 thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! xx

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